I am a creative force in writing film & series scripts,
as well as conceptualizing TV and online shows.


"When I was six years old, I got my first movie role and from that money I immediately bought my first TV set. Since then, I was mesmerized by movies, series, stories, twists and turns. I knew the TV guide inside out and can proudly say:

Yes, I am a movie addict.

Only I didn't realize my potential back then. Had to go ways that one should go to become an adult..."


"In 2018 my dream #nippoff came true. That was the turning point for me, to finally really do what I've always loved since I was little. Telling stories.

I always babbled like a waterfall. I still fantasize every day. Am still that little boy in front of the TV from back then but became a man of great strength today."


"Since my awakening, I have written 8 scripts, developed 13 shows and dream myself into other worlds by writing songs and poems, as well as drawing and taking photographs. My goal is not to conquer Hollywood, but to give to other little boys, dreaming girls and adults with the same passion that I have, what I have absorbed over the past decades and still love today. I am a mixture of a production professional with years of film experience and knowledge, coupled with the light to impress myself and others."