Creative force for conception, writing and production
of feature films, series, documentaries and TV formats.


HIMHIMHER is a Berlin-based agency that has been thinking and working creatively since 2013. Starting as "small silverware for big meals", we have evolved over the past years just like our clients, colleagues and the reality around us all ...
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In addition to various online commercials for brands like Mootral, Unicef, Audi, Ferrero, Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, Netflix, Vattenfall etc., we expanded our skills, independently created and produced our own feature documentary #nippoff, built the online show DIE SPREEGÄRTNER and supported the indie film CHASING PAPER BIRDS as co-producer.
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Working on our own films and realizing our true passion, we have put a strong focus on creatively writing our own scripts, concepts and diverse content. Currently, seven film scripts, one series script, and four show concepts have been created and are ready for sale. We are permanently seeking for partners, producers, distributors and financiers to realize our material.


Actually, almost 10 years ago we wanted to build an app for booking private assistants, but of course we needed money to keep us going. "Let's produce making-ofs of commercials and then launch the app on the side," was our approach at that time. After just three months, we were already flying to London and shooting commercials with some of the German national soccer players. In the following year, we produced an average of ...