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2013 - now







Summer 2004


Founder, Managing Partner, Executive Producer, Director, Writer, Creative

maz&movie GmbH

Producer & Content Manager

Lise-Meitner High School

High school graduation / A-Level

maz&movie GmbH

Trainee Editorial Department

maz&movie GmbH

Internship Editorial Department

Compact Team GmbH

Apprenticeship Event Manager, IHK certificate

Grundy UFA TV Produktions GmbH

Assistant to Set Manager

"When I was six years old, I got my first movie role and I immediately bought my first TV set. Since then, I was mesmerized by movies, series, stories, twists and turns. I knew the TV guide inside out and can proudly say: Yes, I am a movie addict. I was born in Potsdam ´85 and grew up as a classic fringe child. Moving several times between Berlin and Brandenburg, I decided to finish high school in Falkensee and not emigrate with my family to Switzerland. Since the age of 15, I’ve been working continuously on my career. After a few detours in front of the film and photo camera, I completed my training as an event manager, followed by an editorial traineeship. The years were peppered with film and television experience as a producer. I worked on various productions, film sets and national and international film premieres. With the founding of HIMHIMHER, I combined everything my past taught and helped me along the way. I produced dozens of online and offline spots for well-known brands, created online shows and directed a wide variety of spots. In 2018, my feature documentary dream #nippoff came true and formed the starting point of the next change. That was my twist, to finally really do what I've always loved since I was little. Telling stories."

"Since my awakening, I have written several scripts and created a lot of online/offline entertainment material. My goal is not to conquer Hollywood, but to give to other little boys, dreaming girls and adults in between with the same passion that I have, what I have absorbed over the past decades and still love today. My inspiration is everything that has happened to me, what I perceive and what I see in the future. I play with clichés and love to break conventions. I dear to provoke and love at the same time. Never shallow, always honestly hard and from the bottom of my heart. Horror, science fiction, psychological thriller and fantasy suits me; however, I never label myself, my genres or my love. I always babbled like a waterfall. I still fantasize every day. Am still that little boy in front of the TV from back then but became a man of great strength today."



"Actually, years ago we wanted to build an app for booking private assistants, but of course we needed money to keep us going. "Let's produce making-ofs of commercials and then launch the app on the side," was our approach at that time. After just three months, we were already flying to London shooting commercials with German national soccer players. In the following year, we produced an average of 1.5 shoots per week. "We drive full throttle as long as we can and when we crash into a wall, that's how it is and was at least the craziest ride of our lives". We did not crash into a wall, however we also challenged. Learned, evolved. Adapted and discovered paths that reinforced even more passion and the feeling of "yes, this is exactly what we want to do". Even though paths are explored anew, we are not only proud of the work we have done, the bonds and friendships we have been able to establish on our adventure, but most importantly we have learned a lot from all the years of hard work. That is the only reason I am where I am today."


Clients I worked for and with: Mercedes-Benz, Ferrero Germany, Audi Austria, Netflix Germany, Vattenfall Germany, Sparkasse, Air Berlin, Coca Cola, Constantin Film, Deliveroo, Escada, Foodspring, Lufthansa, nutella, Weber Grill and many more.


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