We have been telling stories for almost 10 years. Been planning and implementing ideas and visions of other brands, various agencies and partners.


We have worked our way up from a small 3-person online advertising production, learning and expanding until we have reached the point where we can create our own stories, our own visions, our own films and bring them to life almost completely independently. It's an amazing feeling, because creativity has always been one of the biggest parts of HIMHIMHER.

At this moment we realized that we don't just want to execute and serve, but we have to cultivate exactly this passion.


The ability to look at cinematic products from both a production and creative perspective allows us to not just put fun ideas on paper, but to specifically create stories that are viable, fundable, but most importantly, interesting.

Since 2020, we have been writing scripts for films, documentaries and series non-stop. We develop TV and online formats, shows and content that won´t be replaced after 24 hours.


Our passion is film. Diving into worlds that we don't live ourselves, but can experience on the screen. Our mission is to go further and create greater things. Create experiences that touch others far away from the advertising industry, to make them think and give birth to emotions of any kind.


We firmly believe that creatives are the engine of everything, because without new ideas, without different approaches or new ways, we will day in and day out, always just see the same things.

HIMHIMHER is professional, fast, we listen and are willing to cooperate.


We are confident, experienced and convinced of our work and ideas. Always looking for partners, new companions and exchange with others to make what is in all our heads, on our papers and in our hearts come true.


If you are interested in supporting our projects or create new ideas that make a real impact, please do not hesitate and simply get in contact.

Thank you very much for taking the time to check us out! Very much appreciated.