Actually, almost 10 years ago we wanted to build an app for booking private assistants, but of course we needed money to keep us going. "Let's produce making-ofs of commercials and then launch the app on the side," was our approach at that time. After just three months, we were already flying to London and shooting commercials with some of the German national soccer players. In the following year, we produced an average of 1.5 shoots per week. "We drive with lead foot as long as we can and when we crash into the wall, that's how it is and was at least the craziest ride of our lives". We did not crash into a wall, however we also had to take some hurdles and challenges. HIMHIMHER has changed. Learned, evolved. Adapted and discovered paths that reinforced even more passion and the feeling of "yes, this is exactly what we want to do". Even though things change and paths are explored anew, we are not only proud of the work we have done, the contacts and friendships we have been able to make on our adventure, but most importantly we have learned a lot from all the years of hard work and that is the only reason we are where we are today. Even though the focus of our work has changed, we still like to dive into the past and look back on nice projects, great moments and satisfied customers. Take a look at our past work and who knows what else will happen.